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In the interwar period, when Ternopil was a part of the Second Polish Republic, many residents of Ternopil county left their homeland in search of a better life. During processing the documents, we compile a list of those who have received a passport for traveling abroad.

Ternopil emigration

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After the war, when Volyn became a part of the USSR, it was decided to identify monuments of history and architecture. An expedition commission was set up in the Volyn Oblast to travel and photograph the monuments. Unfortunately, some of those pictures were the last photos of mentioned architecture objects before their destruction ...

Monuments in Volyn region

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During World War II Lutsk was under the Soviet and then German occupation. After the physical destruction of the Jews, there was a problem with a workforce. In addition, the city had to monitor the movement of the city's population. Thus, several lists were created containing information about the adult population of the city.

Lutsk Citizens in 1943

During our genealogical searches, we find a lot of information that could be useful for society. This is how the idea of creating several projects came about.


We look forward for cooperation and helping to implement the new projects and already existing activities.


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